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Packing for a wet London summer.

I’m an overthinker by nature. I tend to work myself into a tizzy before every trip trying to figure out what to pack to ensure that I’m fully prepared for my destination. Packing for a London summer has been a bit anxiety-inducing.

I’ve been obsessively checking weather forecasts, and asking people who have lived in London how I should be packing to stay warm and dry.

London is only just now coming out of a wet spell. Accuweather predicts that there will be at least two rainy days while I’m there at the end of this month. I’m not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, so my packing list looks like this:

  • Six 3/4- or long-sleeved shirts
  • Two cardigans
  • Two jackets for layering
  • Two pairs of jeans/chinos
  • Rainproof outer shell
  • Doc Martens and a pair of kicks
  • Essentials

Everything is going to be in neutral colours so I don’t have to think about matching. The Tripadvisor London Forum and my Fodor’s guidebook advises that I bring an umbrella. But it’ll be cumbersome to manage one, so I’m going with a rain shell.  Anything that I sorely need, I’ll just buy when I’m there.


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  1. A brolly might be good to pack. Makes it easier to walk around without your face getting hit by the rain in the wind.

  2. Vix

    I’ve been in short sleeved tees, 3/4 trousers/shorts and a waterproof shell if wet, denim jacket + teva sandals if dry. 1 cardi layered if needed.

    • peregrine

      Good to know! The forecast is still changing – it went from rainy to sunny to rainy again the week I’m there.

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