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Reset for 2017

It’s been months since I last logged in to this blog, let alone updated it. It’s the first day of 2017 so I decided to check in, make some changes, and generally try to be present in this space more often.

2016 was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, mainly in terms of work. It’s sad to ascribe success or failure to a year based mainly on my career, but since I did (and still do) spend most of my days in the office, it’s understandable. I’m starting 2017 on a much more even keel since I’m now working in a place that affords me greater security with less stress. Theoretically, that means I’ll have more time for personal pursuits, including travel. Theoretically.

Speaking of travel, this year looks to be an interesting one. In March, I’m headed to Taiwan for the first time. The man will be there for a trade show, so I’m tagging along as I’ve never been to Taiwan. I’m taking the National Day week off, during which I hope to visit a friend in Barcelona – another destination I’ve never been to. Our family didn’t go on a year-end holiday last year, so we’re planning a trip to Japan at the end of the year. It’ll be the girls’ first trip to Japan, and my second. Being newly-minted otakus, the girls can’t wait to go.

In between, I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of dive trips to boost my dive count. Given that I’ve the aforementioned trips planned, I think my diving might be limited to Tioman this year. Which is OK, as my aim is simply to clock more hours underwater and to grow in confidence.

Travel aside, I hope to resume the fitness momentum I built late last year, before my routine got completely derailed by Christmas festivities. Since there is a Fitness First gym right across the road from my office, there was really no excuse not to become a member. I was working out up to four times a week last year, and will be getting back to that when the new work year starts in a couple of days time. Ironically, I’ve realised that the pain from pushing myself hard during workouts is a lot more manageable than the back and neck pain I get from being sedentary and glued to a screen. So back to the gym I go next week, and here’s to more regular programming this year.


The start of something new.

My boss celebrated her birthday today. She’s one of those women who’s coy about her age, and skips around the topic with statements such as, “I’m one year older than I was last year.” As I myself become less like burrata and more like mouldy cheddar, I’m beginning to think that perhaps it’s not so much about the years in one’s life, but the life in one’s years. Perhaps some people hate being reminded about their age because it makes them think about all that they haven’t yet done or achieved.

I don’t want to be sour about unfulfilled dreams and desires when I’m old and grey, so I’m reclaiming my time little by little. I spent my twenties muddling my way through the early years of my career with babies in tow. Now that said babies are teenagers and my career is on an even keel, I’ve started taking baby steps to do the things I want to do – dive more, travel more, get out more, without feeling guilty about any of it.

This blog is about that journey.

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