So much for trying to update more in 2017. My family has had a rather rocky start to the year, with health problems that have been demanding plenty of our energy, emotions, money, and time. I want to think that we’ve come through the worst for now, and that things can only look up. Work has also become more demanding, as I’ve taken on a new portfolio in addition to my existing work scope, which means that there’s no time to daydream about holidays during office hours.

After a rough six weeks, I’m more than ready for my upcoming trip to Taiwan with the husband. I’ve planned our itinerary to include two nights in Hualien, and two nights in the Jiufen/Shifen area, with the remaining time spent in Taipei itself. I’m a bit concerned about whether we’ll be able to get by with our limited Mandarin. I speak only conversational Mandarin, and the husband, who rightfully should be fluent in the language having spent some years in a Chinese school, can barely write his own name. It’ll be an adventure, for sure.